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“Healing Eczema” by Christina Nevada Sands

Sands pioneered the field of Naturopathic Dermatology for eczema in the late 1990’s, is a board-certified licensed skin therapist and has been an expert eczema counselor for over 20 years. Listen as Sands gives an eczema consultation discussing practical ways to heal eczema.

All skin diseases healed in the name of Jesus.

Drink 1 lime 2 x daily w/ water, then 1/2 water/juice w/ lime leftovers (rotating blue/purple, red, yellow and green juice colors).

1 lime full-strength on skin 2 x daily. Use protection against soaps, oils and lotions. Use on hair roots (or all) to lighten.

Caution  Sun-sensitivity.

Healing Eczema Guidebook (2008) is discontinued but sold online by resellers for way too much. Don’t buy it.

healing eczema cover

$9.99 AudioBook (Nov 2014)

Free Eczema Counseling

1st 15 minutes is free   Call:  USA 202-909-0718
Free Guidebook with paid Counseling.

$100 Lifetime Counseling


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